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Feldspar is among the most abundant minerals found in the earth crust and forms about 60% of the terrestrial rocks. Feldspar is found in all kinds of rocks and thus Cheap Hydro Flask Hydration 18 OZ Wide Mouth White , feldspar content present in various rocks forms the basis for their classification. It won be an exaggeration to say that Feldspar is very much a part of our daily life. Most of the products like glass, floor tiles, tableware, etc. are made of Feldspar. What makes Feldspar so popular? Certainly its properties!

Properties Of Feldspar

The properties of Feldspar can be attributed to its chemical composition. Chemically Cheap Hydro Flask Hydration 18 OZ Wide Mouth Black , Feldspar minerals are silicates of aluminum, containing sodium, potassium, iron Cheap Hydro Flask Hydration 18 OZ Standard Mouth Black , calcium, or barium or blend of these elements. Feldspar minerals are extremely strong and have very high melting points. The melting process is very sluggish. Feldspars undergo decomposition in water and alkalies are extracted out. Because of the alkali and alumina content, Feldspar has become very useful for industries. We can differentiate three types of Feldspar i.e. Soda Feldspar , sodium Cheap Hydro Flask Hydration 18 OZ Standard Mouth Red , potassium and mixed Feldspar depending upon the sort of Alkali they contain.

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