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In a joint communique issued in Manila Sunday, China and ASEAN countries successfully drew up and adopted the framework of the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea, announcing that they would initiate substantive consultations on the text of the COC at a proper time within the year.

An MFA-to-MFA (ministry of foreign affairs-to-ministry of foreign affairs) hotline to manage maritime emergencies has also had early success, applauded by all participant countries.

The positive change in the South China Sea has been achieved by strengthened exchanges and communication Air Max 97 Schweiz Kaufen , as well as positive attitudes toward deepening cooperation.

All parties involved in the framework believe that while peace is mandatory for development, sincere cooperation can boost shared economic growth.

China has always valued a friendly relationship with ASEAN, placing the bloc as a priority in its diplomatic direction and a key area to promote Belt and Road Initiative construction.

However, some outside countries have preferred to remain in the past Nike Air Max 97 Schweiz , turning a blind eye to the positive progress and unwilling to recognize the achievements while engaging in demagoguery.

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