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West shallow language in the door stands in the distance.Looking at the leaf who talks with Long Nyu for autumn.In the mind multitude of feelings surges up.All doing not know should with what kind of identity or tone to face him like.
If 2 people really finish doing that file son matter.The rice made into familiar rice.The F can also be calmly kept company with with leaf's autumn's chemisette identity at him nearby.The taste that probably will arrive other people often.Oneself in the end can manage to keep spirit to strengthen.
But affair carry on a half Ga however.She became to°from a spot participant an on-looker.The circumstances like this is very embarrassed.
She is still a virgin.Have never talked over boyfriend.Should not touch of of the square was touched by him.Should not kiss of of the square be also been getting more close by him.Consider as to have no a matter a person now general.Is similar to the past to say to smile with him?
Again or.Come forward to take out him two to record box on the ear.Scolding him is a sex maniac.Want to make him be responsible for he?
These 2 kinds choose.It isn't all west shallow language in the door to want.
She exactly wants what.Connecting her is all not that clear by herself.
Just on the time in her entertain foolish ideas .That as if in the her eyes fairy general woman's view suddenly changed direction her body up.And toward her to lightly beckon with the hand.Signaling hint her is past.
When Long Nyu just arrived.West shallow language in the door always:in danger.So also have no idea to conjecture her outward appearance.Hurriedly saw one eye.Still feeling is beautiful of emit a bubble.Her safe crisis relieved now.Conjecture this chemisette speech to talk bearing with quiet attention again.Not from of in mind marvel praise.
She contact of lead a woman to win.Don't compare her qualities Be getting more outstanding more.Or also have some facial features of stars long of very fine.Make people really overly critical not what trouble.But how beautiful woman.As long as make people feel is a grass chicken for falling.But this dust is like an anthropophagi the woman of the firework flavor is not.Even if use swan this kind of the animal being noble come to describe her.It is her indignity to all make people feel.
This female should in the sky have!
See her beckoning with the hand to she.West shallow language in the door hesitated for a while.Still exceed feet to walk over there to her.Although she hasn't wanted to want so much with what kind of the attitude face a leaf for autumn she can not refuse that chemisette any request.
West shallow language in the door doesn't know Long Nyu and leaf for autumn is what relate to.There is qualities that makes she admit defeat on her body.Hence she then calls her as elder sister on her own initiative.Ask a way:"Elder sister.What matter?"
"Thank you."Long Nyu applauds of looking at west shallow language in the door.The Mou son of autumn waters sort imitates a Buddha to see through her heart to say:Don't annoying don't be sorry.Even want to be fond of Mang.Insist this heart by all means can bloom knot."
The female talks of euphonic very strange.The contents of words is like also the Chan language of Buddhism.West shallow language in the door but feel the meaning that oneself understand her.
Say with a smile:"Thank.I am understand should the Yao do."
The female ordered to nod.Treat those female kids who have been being nearby silent to pay in the leaf autumn.Her heart saves to appreciate.
Before the autumn of the leaf basically forgot the absurd matter doing to wests shallow languages in the door sees Long Nyu an idea especially west shallow language in the door please come over to thank some kind of.Although the in the mind is interrogative.But also have no to ask more.He knows.At oneself lifeless time in.Definitely once took place many oneselfs don't know of affair.
However.Oneself and Tang Guos fight field battle in the purple silk tent drive understanding just a day of female kid see.Leaf autumn classmate in the mind but is feel a bit embarrassed.
Looking at shallow language in the door of west to say with smile:"You are all right?"
"Nothing."West shallow language in the door shakes head.
"Be free good.I recorded to be taking to escape at that time.Suddenly the head is one pain.The business of behind doesn't know."Leaf autumn explanation way.His losing an one-time matter of consciousness to pour to record to he is very clear.
West shallow language in the mind in the door is sad.Coming from the F is everything that he does him basically don't know.
However is so also good.Avoiding two what people got along withs is embarrassed.
Tidied up some kind of moods.|Wear a leaf to say for autumn:Is the elder brother still in the race course.

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